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Hafizon Academy



My name is Hend and I am a teacher of the Qua’an for non-Arab speakers. I graduated from the faculty of Arts, Alex University of Egypt.

I have worked with students of various countries like USA, Canada, England, Germany, Australia. 

I teach the Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Either with children or with adults, I find the communicative method very effective and fun, not only for students but also for teachers.

This method encourages students to engage in real dialogues, and it helps them acquire vocabulary or even words as they are used in real contexts in everyday life.


“Talk about any topic or question that may be difficult and tell briefly how you can made it easy for student to understand or learn it”


It was a brief introduction to know how we will progress on the way to master the Quran recitation.

If you still have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jazakum Allah Khairan

Hend Faied