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Discipline(s) : Français, linguistique - Littérature, civilisation - Traduction, interprétation - Didactique, pédagogie, éducation - Philosophie, psychologie, religion

Catherine J Rebouillat-sato


2378 Fenton Parkway

Apt. 315

92108 San Diego

Membre de American Association of Teachers of French (AATF)

I am currently finishing a master’s program in French at San Diego State University (CA), focusing on two specializations: Montaigne’s Essays, and Contemporary French Women Writers. For several semesters, I taught first, second, and forth year at the same university. I also have an intensive experience translating various material from English to French or French to English.

I am looking for a position as a professor of French, preferably in San Diego, but also in different states or even out of the United States.