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Discipline(s) : Français, linguistique - Littérature, civilisation - Arts, médiation culturelle - Histoire, géographie - Sciences sociales, sciences politiques, relations internationales

Vero's French Classes on the Road

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94087 Sunnyvale

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About Us 


Vero’s French Classes on the Road:


First, she is a French woman (Véronique Vassout) bicultural with an extensive professional experience in United States, a high level of French’s studies. Second, she has also a strong connection with the French cultural institutions which nourish her own method of teaching in continuous. Her private lessons have been starting six years ago in the United State. And because of her successful results and her number of family’s trust, she has decided to share her method and respond her increasing services’ ask in raising a new work team. She is developing her educational program combining French academic through French culture.


The company’s keys of success are: 


  • A company’s strong core values Kindness, Skills, Proficiency.
  • A personal and private course with a French and bicultural itinerant professor providing an excellent classe level as much as in French academic than cultural knowledges and skills. 
  • A pedagogic team which works weekly an each student case and enrolled in a continuous improvement process. 
  • A valuable presence of anglophone & francophone DEAN who make sure of the program coherence. 
  • An innovating and disruptive French teaching method. 


Contact : 

Vero’s French Classes on the Road

Sunnyvale, CA, 94087

[email protected]